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Chogon Guards and Safety Blog: Security and Manned Guards Services in Lagos call +2348072292381

Chogon Guards and Safety  Security and manned guards services company in Nigeria call 08072292381

Manned Guard Services

Chogon Guards and Safety Ltd has a wealth of experience providing security and stewarding services for exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, product launches, private parties and temporary commercial or leisure workplaces, throughout Nigeria. Our manned guard services enables you keep a watch over what matters to you 24 /7days a week. Our personnel are well trained, supervised and developed to work closely with the latest security technologies to ensure the safety of our clients premises, their assets and people.


Dress code

Our men are always neat and smartly dressed. The dress code of our men can either be our own branded Security Officer uniform, or a clients own corporate uniform. Personal protective equipment that may be required due to any site hazards, can also be integrated into the dress code specification.

Skill sets

The skill sets of the men we send to a client, depend on the needs of the building, occupants, location, assets, site specific risks and so forth. Apart from the training we offer our service officers, we consider their experience and background. We even take into consideration issues like languages spoken by the guard we are providing our client

The Role and Responsibilities of our Security Officers



Access Control

Fire safety and firefighting

Responding to emergencies

Customer care and social skills

Communications and reporting

Management of Emergency Systems

Communication Skills and Conflict Management skills of our Officers

Unarmed self defence

Armed security services

Defusing and resolving conflicts

Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Risk

Specialist skills upon request

First Aid

Fire Marshal

Risk Assessor

Internal investigator

Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency services liaison officer

We have a wealth of experience in various market sectors:

Higher & Further Education

Business Parks

Logistics Facilities

Information Technology


Factory & Warehouses


Distribution Centres

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Ten Ways to Keep your Homes Safe from Criminals

Home Safety Tips:

 Ways to Keep a Home Safe from Criminals

Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, it is always a good idea to practice home safety tips. Recent study shows that a lot of crimes are being committed in people's residences- burglaries, armed robberies, and home invasions to name a few. Here are various ways to keep your home safe

Home Safety Tips # 1: Security Alarm System:
Consider investing in an alarm system for your home. You can contact Chogons for advice on how to get that. Make sure that the alarm system has a panic button feature that you can easily use
Home Safety Tips # 2: Deadbolts:
Your home should have deadbolts with full one-each bolts on all entry doors. These should be installed in addition to existing locksets. For doors with glass panels within three feet of the lock, it should have a double-cylinder deadbolt requiring a key on both sides; this way a burglar cannot simply break the glass and reach through to unlock the door. If your door has conventional glass panels, consider replacing them with shatterproof glass or polycarbonate material.

Home Safety Tips # 3: Re-Key Locks:
If you have just moved to a new house or apartment, have all the locks re-keyed immediately. Better yet accomplish this before you move in.

Home Safety Tips # 4: Limit Number of Keys:
Limit the keys only to members of the family that live with you. If you must share a key with a relative, especially when you are going on vacation and you need a house sitter- make sure that the person is trustworthy. Make sure that they return your key right away. If you have a hired help, for example a babysitter or a cleaning lady, and you ended up firing that person for whatever reason; make sure to change the locks immediately, even if you get your keys back.

Home Safety Tips # 5: Designate a Safe Room and an Escape Route:
Install a deadbolt lock on the door of your home office or den, so that it becomes your "safe or panic" room that you can lock yourself into if you are threatened. Plan an escape route from the upper floor by adding a rope ladder in a room upstairs.

Home Safety Tips # 6: Lighting:
Make sure that your main entrances, porches, driveways, and front walkways are well-lit. Turn on interior lights when you are away in the evenings.

Home Safety Tips # 7: Where's the Key?
Don't hide your house keys under doormats, inside your mailbox, or planters. These are obvious places that criminals would look for keys. Also, never put a name in your address and name on your key chain, it would be easy for criminals to find where you live and have access to your home and car.

Home Safety Tips # 8: Garage Doors:
Keep your garage doors closed and lock them at night. Make sure your garage windows are all closed and locked; it is hard to hear someone in your garage door because you may be inside watching TV not noticing the criminal activities happening inside your garage. Also, garages have ladders and other tools that can help criminals gain access to the main part of your home; so keeping your garage secured at all times will not entice the criminals to target your home.

Home Safety Tips # 9: Have Your Home Analyzed for Security:
For a detailed security analysis of your home, contact a bonded professional like Chogons Guards and Safety Ltd. Finally, you can ask for help or advice from your local police department; call them immediately of you see, hear, or have a good reason to suspect that a crime is being committed.

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Cleaning and fumigation services in Lagos call +2348072292381

Chogon Cleaning Services & Fumigation / Pest control Services in Lagos call-08072292381
Corporate & residential cleaning Services
Post-construction cleaning Services
Floor polishing & maintenance of terrazzo, Marble and Granite floors
Environmental & compound cleaning
Facility management Services
Industrial cleaning Services
Cleaning equipment Sales and rental Services
After event cleaning Services
Fumigation & pest control; Bedbug fumigation, cockroaches

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CHOGON Facilities Services Ltd
15 Laguda Street Sangotedo Ajah Lekki Lagos
Call 08072292381.
Email :info@chogonfacilities.com

Rugs and Carpet cleaning services in Lagos call +2348072292381

Carpet Cleaning
To Protect Your Valuable Investment and Maintain a Healthy Indoor Environment

Flooring is expensive. In fact, it is the single highest cost item in most homes. How do you get the most out of your investment? …by maintaining it! Just like your home and automobile, your carpet requires regular maintenance. Regular vacuuming, prompt spot removal, regular professional cleaning, and the timely application of a quality carpet protector such as Scotchgard or Teflon Advanced will prolong the life of your investment. Your carpet should be vacuumed once or twice each week, and professional cleaning should take place before the carpet has visible soil.
How often should I have my carpet cleaned? A properly cleaned carpet will not re-soil quickly and will last years longer. Proper professional cleaning performed on a timely basis removes soil and grit left behind after vacuuming. This remaining soil and grit cuts and slices the carpet fibers as it is being walked on, causing damage to the carpet yarns in the traffic areas. The result is that even with a professional restorative cleaning process, the damage to the fiber cannot be corrected.
Major carpet manufacturers including Shaw and Invista ,Nobel Carpets etc  require professional hot water extraction cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain the texture retention warranty. Not to mention that a carpet not cleaned on a regular basis is an unhealthy carpet... The EPA publishes a guide that recommends regular cleaning frequencies based on the number of occupants. The EPA guidelines state that in a home with two adults the carpet should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months. If you smoke, have allergies, live in a humid climate, have children or indoor pets, more frequent cleaning is recommended. Take special notice of heavy traffic areas, as they should be cleaned most often.
The bottom line is that carpeting which is properly and professionally cleaned on a regular basis will last longer, look better and will help create a healthier home environment for you and your family.

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CHOGON Facilities Services Ltd
15 Laguda Street Sangotedo Ajah Lekki Lagos
Call 08072292381.
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Friday, 7 October 2016

odourless fumigation and pest control services in Nigeria

Chogon facilities odourless fumigation and Pest Control service will safeguard your Apartments, offices and family from the threat of crawling pests - ants, cockroaches, spiders and silverfish
Chogon facilities Odourless fumigation and Pest Control is the most effective, reliable and convenient pest control service available.

No messy , Non corrosion , surface sprays inside your home.
Our unique treatment includes putting carefully formulated, dry, attractive bait in out-of-the way places - places where bugs live and breed, not where you live and play.
No aggravating odours.

Chogon facilities odourless treatment means you and your family can remain comfortably inside the home during and after treatment.

No need to clear cabinets.
Your Chogon Technician does all the work.

And no pests
Chogon Odorless fumigation protects your home from the inside out:
• Between your walls
• Behind your cabinets
• Beneath your floor
• Up in your attic
• All around the outside of your home


We remove those sickening Pests and Bugs from the premises of your homes and offices through our odorless Fumigation and Pest Control Services. Our solutions assist in the effective prevention and management of pest in household and commercial premises like Residence, Hotels, Resorts, Ware houses, factories and Commercial Complexes. We are proficient in identifying all kinds of infestations and provide solutions accordingly. Our fumigation services adequately help in management and eradication of all pests and rodents.

Our service categories are:

Use of efficient medicines and sprays control cockroaches and other insects in a

very short span of time.
Cockroaches live in nests. As such, killing a few roaches that happen to wander into a trap is an inadequate means of controlling the pest. It is best to have an experience pest control company handle any cockroach infestation that occurs in your home. We are fully equipped to handle any cockroach infestation.

• Sanitation and correction of sanitation deficiencies are given utmost focus which is basic in rodent control. Advice is given for elimination of food sources with good sanitation practices that prevent the increase in rodent population.
• Mosquito Control
• Chogon facilities services limited offer cost-effective methods for mosquito control. Through the MOSQUITO system, we are able to provide a complete, affordable solution to keeping unwanted mosquitoes, flies and gnats away. This system is custom designed to fit the needs of any unique landscape indoor or outdoor area

• We use high quality anti-feedant chemicals (such as oils, resins, and lignin’s) into the woody cell walls for preventing termites

Most spiders will only bite humans in self-defense, and few produce worse effects than a mosquito bite or bee-sting. However, many spiders in are dangerous and can be a major pest for homeowners.,

• With proper waste management as well as drainage of still water we help in prevention of breeding ground of many pests at the clients premises.
Misting and fogging of the entire surroundings to destroy different larval and pupas stages of pests using swing fog machine
Spraying of the apartments {inside} with odorless fumigant to get rid of pests, pathogens and other specifics anthropoids using manual and motorizes sprayers
Deratisation and baiting of all specific (Linnaeus species etc )

Chogon facilities services limited is certified by Lagos state government to carry out fumigation and pest control services in Lagos state with certification number 227

As the total facilities maintenance services becomes more complex, the need for the appropriate facilities management system becomes strategic and critical. A comprehensive facilities management program must address the total needs of the entire facility in planning for a dynamic site management services…..THIS IS WHAT WE STAND FOR

 Professional Cleaning & Janitorial services
 Fumigation & Pest control
 Executive House Keeping services
 Security/Manned Guard Services.
 Professional Tea/Pantry services
 Sewage Management Service
 Post Construction Cleaning
 General Facilities Procurement and Supplies.
 Generator Maintenance
 Air conditioning maintenance
 Electrical/Power Maintenance
 Plumbing service
 Bore hole and water treatment maintenance
Fire Safety installation& Maintenance Services

Our operatives are vetted with the security professional approach, and are committed to their job. They are well kitted, trained and have good communication skills. And owing to our status as a Total Facilities Management company you will find our operatives as a great asset at ensuring adequate maintenance of your assets.
We have three categories of operatives – Graduates Security operatives; OND Holders and SSCE Holders all experienced and trained .However their cost differs.
Our security personnel will operate round the clock 24/7days a week. And we are happy to arrange a service at a short notice.

We thank you for the opportunity to present this Tender and would appreciate it if we are given the opportunity to give you further clarification where necessary.

Chogon Facilities Services Limited…………………..We’re not happy until you are

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Professional cleaning services in Nigeria

CHOGON Cleaning and Housekeeping Services is unique due to our adept understanding of costumer’ individual needs and vast experience upon which we have built best practices. Our intense housekeeping service training programs, superior site management, and the respect we show towards our costumer and employees create an environment in which we consistently exceed the janitorial service needs and goals of our client supported by the constant innovation that defines all aspects CHOGON quality.
Our Housekeeping Services put client first with advances green clean program. CHOGON Facilities has the staffing expertise and understanding required to meet all your Housekeeping Service needs in a demanding high traffic environment. You can have confidence that day in and day out. CHOGON Facilities’ best practices will please your customers while making your business shine.
Our Executive Housekeeping division consists of following services:
General Cleaning
Post Construction Cleaning
High pressure Cleaning of Outside areas
Cleaning Glass Walls and Curtains
Restroom cleaning
Spring cleaning
Stream cleaning Operations
Hot water injection extraction
Foam generator for carpet & sofa shampooing
Vacuum cleaning
Floor tiles and Ceramic restoration
Note: The material and machines used by us is standardized and environment friendly
CHOGON Housekeeping Services is unique due to our adept understanding of costumer’ individual needs and vast experience upon which we have built best practices. Our intense housekeeping service training programs, superior site management, and the respect we show towards our costumer and employees create an environment in which we consistently exceed the janitorial service needs and goals of our client supported by the constant innovation that defines all aspects CHOGON quality. Our Housekeeping Services put client first with advances green clean program. CHOGON Facilities has the staffing expertise and understanding required to meet all your Housekeeping Service needs in a demanding high traffic environment.
Floor maintenance is an expertise area at CHOGON Facilities. Our Floor technicians expertly trained to properly and professionally maintain any surface, including hardwood, ceramic, marble epoxy, Concrete and more. CHOGON Facilities offer the full scope of the floor service to its customers. These services include:
Hardwood: CHOGON professionals are expertly trained to repair and maintain all hardwood floor surfaces. Our expert’s extensive knowledge of factor that effect and contribute to the changing moisture content of wood flooring before, during, and after installation enables us to offer the best services. This knowledge, couple with extensive training proper techniques of sending, screening, cleaning and restoration that has contributed to CHOGON Facilities ’s position

Carpet & Upholstery: Carpet repairing and cleaning are areas of service where CHOGON Facilities has the experience and expertise to provide unsurpassed quality. Whether repairing a “tripping hazard,” re carpeting fitting rooms or sales floors providing ongoing changing professionals follow specific, detailed service procedures that keep your carpet in optimum condition
Ceramic: CHOGON Facilities’ staffs is trained to properly repair, install, and clean ceramic floors. Knowing the right chemicals and equipment we restore and maintain ceramic tile on floor and walls.

Marble and Stone: Whether cleaning, polishing, or grinding CHOGON Facilities professionals are completely prepared to keep marble stone in pristine condition. Our staffs have the experience knowledge to ensure proper techniques are followed to allow for maximum quality that stone the marble floors provide.

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